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The Mexican rock band, Mana, formed over 30 years ago in Guadalajara. In addition to selling more than 40 million albums worldwide and having over 50 number one hits globally, Mana is very dedicated to the preservation and protection of endangered animals, especially sea turtles.

Many consider Mana's music history to be one of the most influential in the Latin American musical scene. While they released their first album, Falta Amor, in 1990, it was their second album, released in 1992 and titled Donde Jugaran Los Ninos, that became the best selling Spanish rock album of all time, selling 10 million records -- 700,000 in the United States alone.

Mana has four official members: Fher Olvera, Alex Gonzalez, Juan Calleros, and Sergio Vallin. They are all dedicated to Selva Negra, their non-profit civil association focusing on the preservation and protection of endangered animals, founded over 20 years ago.

Mana told WTOP that the idea for their non-profit came through some designers at a clothing factory in Puebla, Mexico.

“The clothing that he makes uses 25% of the water that the factories normally use in Mexico,” Fher said at the time. “They are also good to their employees, it’s fair trade, and they work in indigenous communities not only in Puebla but in Oaxaca.”

A portion of all Mana clothes sales from Ritos Del Sol brand go toward protecting wildlife. The Mana clothing line features designs with floral and skull-based abstract patterns.

For Fher, the most important part of this endeavor is the preservation of sea turtles and other wildlife, according to drummer Alex Gonzales.

“But more than a business for the band, we wanted for it to be a positive idea and proposal so that when people would buy the clothes they would know that they are doing something beneficial for the environment...So Fher came up with this idea of supporting the sea turtles that we have in Mexico.”

Ultimately, Mana wants to spread a positive message and make a lasting impact on the world. Sea turtles have traveled our oceans for the last 100 million years, yet tens of thousands of sea turtles are killed each year due to overharvesting and illegal trade. Investing in Mana clothes, the Ritos Del Sol brand can truly make a difference.