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If you're a fan of Mexican rock music, you've probably heard of the famous Mexican rock band Mana, which formed over 30 years ago in Guadalajara. The band has most recently launched their own clothing line, Ritos Del Sol.  A generous portion of the profits went to saving marine life, such as sea turtles, which have traveled our oceans for the last 100 million years. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in Mana clothes.

1: Stylish: Mana clothes are some of the most stylish around. One of the most common designs featured on their Mana t shirts is the Huichol skull. This is an intricate design that symbolizes the cult of Death in Mexico. says, "The cult of Death in Mexico is one of the most known traditions worldwide. Death is celebrated and represented as a transition once a year with the gathering of friends and families. The Day of the Dead in Mexico comes from a fusion of pre-hispanic beliefs and the catholic religion. The timing of this festivity also coincides with the time of corn harvest: it’s the most important festivity in all of Mexico." Knowing the cultural history behind these unique designs makes wearing Mana clothes much more appealing.

2: High Quality:Other brands of clothing are often made of low quality materials, which means they aren't made to last. Mana clothes are designed with the wearer in mind, so both jeans and t shirts will last through countless washes without ripping, tearing, or fading. On top of that, Ritos Del Sol has a very flexible return policy, so if you happen to order the wrong size or you simply change your mind, we make it easier than ever to make returns or exchanges on merchandise.

3: For A Good Cause: Over 20 years ago, members of the band Mana founded Selva Negra, a non-profit civil association focusing on the preservation and protection of endangered animals. When you invest in Mana clothes, you're making an investment into marine life, into the ecosystem, and into the future of our world.

Investing in Mana clothes is the perfect way to stay on top of the latest designs while doing your part to preserve the ecosystem. For more information, contact Ritos Del Sol.